It is often confusing trying to find a builder, carpenter or tradesman who is reliable, honest and has all the necessary licences to make sure you are covered in all aspects of your bathroom or other renovations. Here are some important questions you  should be asking the person who is quoting on your job. If you answer “no” to any one of them, you should show them the door.


  1. Are they licenced through the QBCC to do the job? They need to have a builders licence to perform works on bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

  2. Will they be supplying a waterproofing certificate? This is essential when selling a house or getting insurance cover.

  3. Will they be using/signing a contract? This is law for works carried out over $3300.00.

  4. Will they be paying the QBCC insurance? This is also law for works over $3300.00 and covers the home owner for 6 ½ years on faulty workmanship. Should the builder not return to correct the defect, the QBCC will pick up the tab.

Cover All Constructions have all the necessary licences to do a high quality job that you know will be fully covered for all work done.

Builders Licence: 
QBCC Lic. 1260270

Carpenters Licence: 
QBCC Lic. 113013

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QBCC: 1260270